"Dangerous" Dana Rucker

A Strong Vector who Needs No Weapons on Earth.


I am: “Dangerous” Dana Rucker

I’m from: Baltimore, Maryland where I was born on March 25th, 1978.

My childhood family life was: being raised by my parents Earl and Linda, Earl worked as a Private Security Contractor, and took over the company when his old boss retired in 1980. Linda was a stay at home mom, Even for devoted Methodists of the time they were fairly conservative. I had a little brother Mike born in 1982, he used to look up to me, but not in a while.

When I was still young I: had real athletic gifts, and my dad got me into this crazy Chinese Dojo as a kid where I learned Changquan (Shaolin Long Fist) Kung Fu and got really good at it. I always had a short temper, and that Kung Fu made sure I came out on top in school yard fights. Also, after I realized I was gay, it let me beat some tolerance into those pricks down by the waterfront that thought that made me a sissy. Unfortunately, all those fights got me into some trouble, and I got held back a year in school in 8th grade.

In my Teens I: went to Baltimore Polytechnic Institute (Go Engineers!) and got my letter jacket on the Varsity Wrestling team. I was okay at that, but I shined at boxing, after I asked some guys at the gym one day if they’d spar with me to get my fistwork up to the same level as my kicks. During my time at the Poly I got into Amateur Boxing big time, and won the Golden Gloves for the 165lb. division in 1994, freshman year of High School. That got me scouting for a boxing Scholarship to Northern Michigan University, as long as the rest of my grades at BPI weren’t as bad as my freshman year had been, so I hit the books as well as jerks down by the water the next few years.

At Northern Michigan (Go Wildcats!) My freshman year in ’97 went pretty smooth, my grades weren’t the best, but good enough to keep my Scholarship, and when I won a second national Golden Gloves, you can bet the coaches were watching out for me, I was even being scouted for the 2000 Olympic Team. I ended up rooming with Justin Amash (Yeah, the Congressman from Michigan) my Sophomore year, and we had some good times, but that’s also when things went south. We got a poker ring going, and Justin realized I wasn’t so good at poker, but I was good at dealing cards dirty. We raked in some good money, but pissed off a few too many other students, and the authorities got word about our game. We got busted and I took the dive, saying Justin didn’t have anything to do with it. Long story short, my Scholarship got yanked, which meant no more college for me, and Justin quietly transferred to U Mich. where no cloud would hang over his head.

After that I: packed up and moved to Oakland, and worked myself through Police Academy, joined the Oakland P.D. in 1999. That lasted about 2 years; in 2001 I got called in as backup for some kind of gang bust at a big factory. Some crazy kid comes at me swinging this massive wrench, I yank it out of his hands and give him a good kick, he slams right into all these crazy pipes and ends up in the hospital with a broken back. I end up in court with him screaming police brutality, claiming he was just trying to get away from the fight in the next room and never even planned to hit me. Well, we get a hung jury and my lawyer ends up getting me to cop a plea deal instead of a new trial, I take a hit for Police Misconduct, the City pays up a fat check to that punk, and I get to resign instead of get fired, and it’s suggested I may want to get out of town. Hell, I still got the wrench I took off that punk, think I was giving it back after that bullshit?
Turns out my old roommate is still good to know, as after about six months out of work, I ring him up and the next private security gig I apply for, I get fast-tracked into a comfy gig guarding some secured waste dump. That was in Vallejo, CA and lasted about a year before I got too bored to take it. I’ve been moving up the West Coast ever since, Sacramento, Eureka, Eugene, and such, taking jobs for a year or two ‘till they get tired of my temper or I get tired of their crap.

I’ve been in Seattle now for just over a year, but the weather here seems to agree with me. The gloom kinda talks my language, you know? Crazy thing is, since I got here, I swear it’s almost like I’m getting younger. I’m in the best shape I’ve been in since my old boxing days, and I’m not even on any kinda new training routine. Funny, huh?

A few months back I had a few dates with a local guy named Azimar I met at Diesel. Funky name, talked about all kinds of weird New Age stuff, he was some kind of private dick I think. Claimed he didn’t have a cell, so we’d arrange our next date at the end of the one before. After a few dates he just… vanished. Stopped showing up at the bars, never called, total ghost job. You know fate’s a bitch, cause guess who is living in the guest quarters at The Morrison Estate now? No clue how he’s hooked up with that crowd, he never mentioned them at all when we went out. It can make some of my shifts a little awkward. If my downstairs neighbor Kyle… oh sorry… “Shredz” wasn’t such a pain life would be pretty good. He dropped out of college last term to “follow his dreams” and be a rock god, now he’s wailing of that shit electric guitar all night and wearing sunglasses around the clock. I think he’s some kind of tweaker, too, but I’m not sticking my nose in that one.

I Live: at Cedar Park Apartments, 408 Monroe Ave. NE Apt 116, Renton WA, 98056. It’s a little studio place of my own on the third floor. Neighbors are mostly college kids, with some blue collar folks mixed in. The parties can be a little annoying, but the rent is hard to beat.

I work for: King County Security Guards
325 S 3rd St, Renton WA 98057

My boss is: Stephen Stoose, Special Operations Director. He’s a career private security guy, who’s worked some high profile stuff, like civilian security in Iraq and bodyguard supervision for a Governor’s campaign.

My job is: Working as a Security Guard wherever Stephen assigns me. For the last six months I’ve been working at The Morrison Estate, at 268 SW Kenyon St. Seattle. I lost a bet with Nicholas at work and had to take the post, he said it creeped him out. It’s some kind of private research think tank place, I work perimeter patrol and visitor escort. They’ve got private security that takes over for anything inside their restricted areas.

My usual day involves: Get up around 5:30, grab a coffee and a bagel, do a short jog around the block, then catch the 105 Bus at 6:44am from home to King Security Offices, about a ten minute ride with a five minute walk at the end, then riding over in a van with the other three guards on my shift to The Morrison Estate, be there before we get briefed by the night shift at 7:50, and hit the grounds at 8. I walk the perimeter of their campus from 8 until my morning coffee break at 10:15, and then take a shift watching the Visitor Parking area from 10:30 until 12:30. After that I either eat a bagged lunch on campus, or hustle down the street and grab some Subway for lunch, sometimes I catch a ride with staff heading out to eat. At 1:30 I’m on Guest Duty, hang out near the Visitor center and watch for anything funny, walk any approved guests over to the main Campus and hand them off to the private guards. Back to the office at 2:50 for the ten minute briefing of the Afternoon Shift guys coming on duty, get a fifteen after that, I’ve made friends with some of the grounds staff and when Fasil is working I can use the staff gym during that break, then back to perimeter patrol from 3:15 until 5:00, then back in the van and back to the office. Sometimes some of the guys grab dinner at Heaven Sent Fried Chicken or the Naan and Curry, if “Little” Sven or Ben “Kojak” Holden is joining them I might tag along, other times I grab the next bus home, either the 5:56 or the 6:24. Do an evening jog and catch a bit of TV before bed, hit the sheets about 10 most nights.

When I have Time Off: I’ve got a membership at Ballard Health Club, It’s outside of my neighborhood by a good bit, but a great place to check out guys and not worry about running into folks from my block, even if Seattle is pretty laid back. Closer to home I can hang out in Cedar River Park halfway between King Security and my place, and watch the Salmon head upstream in season. The Jimi Hendrix memorial is just across the street, you can meet some crazy tourist types there. It’s got a Mickey D’s right on Monroe next to my Complex where I can grab a quick bite, or I can head down NE 4th St. a few blocks to Angelo’s Pizza or Taco Del Mar. Karl and Evan are roommates that live one building over and work at Boeing, which is right near the Estate grounds, and sometimes we share a couple beers and cook some dogs on the grill on weekends. Sometimes I head out on a Saturday and drink at Diesel downtown in Seattle proper, a good place to pick up Bears.

I think the Morrison Estate: is a white collar think tank kinda place that does some sorta research funding thing. They’ve got a lot of odd types around, as much PR as lab coats. Still, I’ve seen some weird shit, one night near the end of shift some crazy dog bust out of the research buildings all on fire and made a break for the fence where I was walking. We put it down and the lab guys carted it off, but I swear it looked like it was making its own fire before we shot it.

"Dangerous" Dana Rucker

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